Re: FW: (erielack) Steamtown Images--June 21, 2014 (C4646 thru C4650)

Dennis Storzek

Nobody is documenting the damaged car. If they were, it would be central to the image. The car has been coopered, and is perfectly fit for service... the shipper loaded it, right?

99 times out of 100, boxcar ends were damaged from the inside, when the load broke loose and tried to blast its way out of the car. You would think that the shipper of this load of granular material ( the car is fitted with grain doors) should have rejected this car, but hey, when cars were hard ti get, you take what is offered.

For that matter, for all we know, the car is spotted at the shipper. The crew is just finishing applying the grain doors... without seeing the other side of the car, it's hard to tell.

No matter, since the car is not centered in the frame, it's not the subject of interest, just an incidental bystander. If the end damage was the point of interest, I'd expect to see close-ups of the repair, complete with a stream of grain trickling out.

Thanks, Scott, for the id of the location... it will save me from trying to find my copy of Hilton & Drew after all these years.


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