Re: FW: (erielack) Steamtown Images--June 21, 2014 (C4646 thru C4650)

Dennis Storzek

---In STMFC@..., <guycwilber@...> wrote :
"There is absolutely no way that the crew is just finishing applying the grain doors.  Those  grain doors which are on the ground are beat to hell and still contain nails which you can clearly see at the ends indicating that they have been removed from the car.  Grain doors were typically built up with two layers while the ones on the ground in this photo have been separated during removal. "

Guy, I concede your point.

I did find my copy of Hilton and DUE (gotta get those names correct!) They consistently use SL&NRR for the Syracuse Lake Shore & Northern, rather than SLS&N; I would assume they saw enough official correspondence and filings during their research that they had good reason to make that choice.

Dennis Storzek

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