Re: Tropicana in the 1950s

Guy Wilber

FGE Bill wrote:
"While they were effective at maintaining low temperatures, the power plants were fueled by gasoline meaning that they could only run on the FGE/WFE/BRE System including their contracted lines, as the RR's outside the system would not accept them for interchange because of the fuel  they used."
 This was a provision of the Interchange Rules which gave the receiving roads the discretion to accept the cars in interchange (or not), so there may well have been some acceptance of such cars in off line use.   
Commenting on Bill's post,  Mark Rickert stated:
"Thank the AAR for that. (interchange rule 2)."
Thank the AAR for what?  If you are going to make reference to the Rule why not give some details?  Rule 2 covers a myriad of items, not just the provisions for accepting mechanical reefers powered by gasoline and LPG?   
First added to the Interchange Rules in 1953, the section of Rule 2 governing the interchange of mechanical reefers equipped with gas engines reads as such:
Rule 2, Section (d) Cars, loaded or empty, equipped with engines or heaters for the operation of which flammable liquids or gases having a flash point 80 degrees F., (open cup) or lower are used, for heating, lighting or refrigeration, will not be accepted in interchange except as follows:
(3)  Cars equipped with installations using gasoline or liquified petroleum gas to operate units for refrigeration purposes, are acceptable in interchange (for freight movement only) except where routed to or through areas where railroad has placed restriction specifically prohibiting the operation of such cars.  Railroads having such areas where the operation of such cars is prohibited or restricted, shall so indicate by publishing the location and extent of such areas by means of a suitable note in the publication "Railway Line Clearances".  Owners of cars equipped with such installations must indicate by a suitable explanatory note in the "Official Railway Equipment Register" the reporting marks, serial numbers and kind of equipments using fuels that would subject them to restricted operation as provided herein.  All such cars must be permanently placarded "Gasoline Driven Refrigeration Units" or Liquified Petroleum Gas Driven Refrigeration Units."
Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada    

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