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Tangent Scale Models is proud to introduce our second production of our industry-leading General American 3-compartment 6,000 gallon tank car.  General American produced the 6,000 gallon 3 compartment tank car on the “Type 30” riveted underframe from 1928 to 1942 at their Sharon PA factory.  While General American constructed many different tank designs, one of the more common derivations was this 6,000 gallon car.  The three compartment design allowed consignees to receive up to three different grades of products, such as oils or chemicals.  This was important in manufacturing facilities for example, where multiple lubricating oil types could be received in smaller quantities, but within one car. Chemical shippers also gravitated to these cars to ship different products to a common receiver. 


This is NOT a pre-order announcement.  Our NEW Ready to Run replicas are available NOW at www.tangentscalemodels.com and we will be selling these at the National Train Show in three weeks!  Our second production of these tank cars includes RTR schemes good for modelers between 1929 and the 1980s.  These schemes include:


- STCX (Standard Tank Car Company) in the “black lease 1930+” scheme from May 1930.  General American purchased Standard Tank Car Company when it went bankrupt in 1928, and General American retained the STCX reporting mark for lease fleet cars.  Our STCX model is a general service lease car that is applicable across North America in the 1930s and early 1940s, and is available in three NEW road numbers for 2014.

- MPCX (Magnolia Petroleum Company) in the bright “original black and silver 1935” scheme.  Magnolia purchased a series of these cars from General American’s Sharon PA plant in 1935.  These eye-catching cars are available in three road numbers.

- GATX (General American Transportation) in the sought-after “black lease 1941+” scheme.  This GATX black lease scheme represents a general lease car in service beginning in 1941.  It is available in three road numbers.

- GATX (General American Transportation) in the striking “black lease 1958+” scheme with a 2-58 paint date on the side of the car.  This GATX black lease scheme represents a car that was in service between 1958 and 1968, and is available in three NEW road numbers for 2014.

- GATX (General American Transportation) in the striking “black lease 1968+” scheme with a 8-68 paint date on the side of the car, which is right off of a prototype photo of a car taken in 1974!  Yes, these cars really lasted in service that long, complete with ACI labels!  This GATX black lease scheme represents a car that was in service after 1968, and is available in three NEW road numbers for 2014.

- HHCX (Champlin Refining Company, Enid OK) in the striking white scheme painted in 1952 with Enid OK proudly painted on the tank body.  These cars were repainted into a very attractive black and white paint scheme, with sharp dark blue and black lettering and a distinctive red and white logo.  This very attractive car is available in three road numbers.

- GATX (“Celanese Chemicals”) lease scheme, painted by Sharon PA GATC in 1952.  These sharp green cars with red and white graphics were assigned to chemical service for Celanese, and the Tangent Scale Models green replica is available in three NEW road numbers for 2014.

- D & H "Company Service" (Delaware and Hudson) in the former GATX black scheme.  This car was restenciled in 1972 for Delaware & Hudson MOW service.  The prototype car has been documented both in trains and in locomotive servicing facilities.  This car is available in one road-number to match the prototype car.  See our website for prototype reference photos. We are proud to offer our first D&H model!

- Undecorated RTR Black cars are ready for decaling!

- Undecorated Kits have been restocked!


Features for these awesome replicas include:

- Fully riveted body

- Fully riveted underframe

- Separately applied tank handrail

- Separately applied tank strap detail

- Heater line and outlet drain details, including correct side profile between tank and underframe when viewing the car from the side

- Full “lacy” AB brake detail and air line

- Dimensionally-correct hazardous and route placards

- Highly correct “true to life” colors

- “Hyper-Accurate” lettering including exact fonts and lettering placement

- Accurate lettering applied to the underframe and air reservoir

- “Near-scale” draft gear box with side detail

- Road-specific brakewheels for each scheme

- Other Lacy details - wire grab irons and coupler lift bars

- Separate air hoses

- CNC-machined 33” wheels in high-quality Tangent Scale Models ASF cast steel truck with spring plank

- Replacement semi-scale wheels available separately from Tangent

- Multiple road numbers for each scheme

- Recommended age 14 years and older


Don’t miss out on the Tangent Scale Models General American 6,000 Gallon tank car!  Just like its prototype, this car is tiny in size and will stand out extremely well on any layout situated from the 1930s to the 1980s!


Pricing for RTR models is $44.95.  High-resolution images showing these fine replicas are available at www.tangentscalemodels.com  and our site also includes prototype images for your reference as well.


That wraps up our update for today, and thank you for supporting the family-owned businesses in our industry! 


David Lehlbach

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