Re: Mopac versus Wabash wood caboose

Gary Roe

Whoa Jerry!  Whoa!  I need to disspell that rumor right away.  I am not an "authority" on anything, much less on the Wabash.

However, you are right about them being virtual duplicates.  Series 2600-2624 were built by AC&F, as were the MP 700-909; and what dimensions I have records for, do match.  The remainder of the Wabash cars (2625-2653) were built to the same plan in the Decatur Shops.  There were detail differences.  The most notable being the trucks, which were an unusual arch bar design.  I have yet to find a model truck that matches.

gary roe
quincy, illinois

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Almost duplicates.  Since these are laser kits, any details specific to the Wabash could easily be added.  Maybe Wabash authority Gary Roe will chime in.
Jerry Michels

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