Re: Refrigerator cars

Guy Wilber

Tony Thompson wrote:
"interesting, but remember that ALL reefer owners were obliged to let reefers run freely instead of being returned to owners, and that reefers could be substituted anywhere for box cars (at a ratio of 3 to 2, IIRC), due to wartime ne eds, until 1948. So this was not a Santa Fe decision alone. I am not sure when this rule was instituted, for those early-war-period modelers."
ICC Service Order 104, first issued on January 19, 1943, though there were subsequent amendments as well as complete new orders covering the use of refrigerator cars:   "Railroads transporting west-bound transcontinental shipments, in carloads, destined to points in the States of California, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada and Utah may, at their option, furnish and transport not more than three refrigerator cars of Pacific Fruit Express or Santa Fe Refrigerator Dispatch ownership in lieu of each boxcar ordered subject to the carload minimum weight which would have applied if the shipment had been loaded in a boxcar." 
Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada

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