Re: Erie 1940s & 1950s Boxcar Painting

John Sykes III

A little clarification.

Schuyler e-mailed me and asked what I meant by the moribund Erie group.  Apparently there are two groups here, the one I belong to is the Erie Railroad Collector and Modeler group.  Is there also an EL group here???  I think I didn't join that one because I am not very interested in the Erie after the 1960 merger.  I think that was the death knell for the Erie and just postponed its demise until CONRAIL adsorbed the EL.  I say this in spite of the fact that one of my uncles worked for the Erie and one for the Lackawanna, so when the merger occurred it gave me the opportunity for a cab ride (I blew the horn for the grade crossings) at the age of 12, circa 1961 or so.

-- John

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