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Garth Groff wrote:

As Bruce pointed out, the Tichy underframe is an R-40. The "built-up" underferames of this type came in both 30-ton and 40-ton sizes, according to Tony's PFE articles in RMC. I used Tichy parts to convert some of my RC PFE cars that actually needed the 30-ton underframes because it is the only thing available. The Tichy parts are available separately from their kits as a floor and underframe.

       As Bruce Smith accurately stated, the built-up and Bettendorf underframes are distinctly different, and yes, the Tichy one is intended as a 40-ton built-up version. But in fact, the differences between 30-ton and 40-ton versions of this underframe are MINUTE in the extreme. The 40-ton cover plate on the bolster is a little wider, the plate thickness in the center sill is slightly greater, and there are little corner reinforcements between the center sill and bolster which are hard to see even in a close-up view. I fully support the idea that the Tichy part can be used for either 30- or 40-ton cars, and few if any could tell the difference even if judging in a model contest.

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