Re: odd US military depressed center flat car


Re: the tank

I believe that, at the time of the photo, the tank was called a T43E1.  They were built in 1953-1954.  They were re-classified M103's in April 1956.  I have this belief because:

The lettering on the turret says "U. S. Army Ordnance".  And there's no star.  So I think this was a photo of a tank still in un-assigned service.  Hence it's unlikely to have gotten to M103 status.  Also, the photo is not a classic railfan type shot.  I looks to me very much like an "official" shot of a new-ish tank.  And that could explain how the turret got swung around for the shot--something easy to do if you are in the in-crowd.

And thus I would place the photo between 1953 and 1956.


Edward Sutorik

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