Re: odd US military depressed center flat car


I was wondering if the car could have been in foreign service at the time of the photo.  And perhaps it was.  But as I noted in my just submitted comments, the tank looks to me to be in "pre-release" form.  Thus it would be unlikely to be out of the country.

Getting a tank on and off a depressed center car is MUCH less fun than a standard flat.  But if one needed better vertical clearance, say in Europe, it might be a good idea.  But that raises the question of European weight limits and axle loadings.  Total weight for a depressed center car is usually higher than for an equivalent load/flat deck car.

I note that the ORER says of the USAX reporting marks:  "See Department of the Army, Transportation Supply and Maintenance Command".  If the subject car were "owned" by Army Ordnance, it would reasonably not be listed by DOA,TSMC.

I find the number series interesting.  At the time, only NYC used the 49xxxx numbering.  Yikes, what are the odds?


Edward Sutorik

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