Re: odd US military depressed center flat car

Dennis Storzek

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"I was wondering if the car could have been in foreign service at the time of the photo.  And perhaps it was.  But as I noted in my just submitted comments, the tank looks to me to be in "pre-release" form.  Thus it would be unlikely to be out of the country."

I wasn't suggesting that the car was out of country. I'm going to have to defer to the military experts here, but I don't think those "overseas" flats were ever deployed, but rather spent their entire lives on bases here in the US. I'm sure I've seen references to the  "Roco" style flatcars in Gov't surplus disposition auctions over the years, so at least some must have been built and held ready for deployment. If this is a new, in development tank, it stands to reason at some point that did a "test fitting" to the cars that were designed to haul them across Europe to the front lines.

Dennis Storzek

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