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i believe that this gentlemen's collection, was covered TWICE, by pbs's "california's gold"
hosted by the late huell howser, if memory serves me, he also had a couple of semaphores,
and a collection of  sp mow equipment also, he was out in the antalope valley area some where,
since pbs has pulled the plug on "california's gold", you may have to research their title index
on their web site
good luck
mel perry

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There is a gentleman in southern California that has handbrake assemblies hung all over his back yard fencing, but as far as I know, they were never viewed by/displayed for, the public.

Elden Gatwood

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I've posted some photos in an album name Hand Brake Display of the hand brake display in the Harvey House Museum in Belen, New Mexico. It will be on display through July 6. Those on display are less than half of my total collection.

It had been my intention to sand blast and paint all in bright colors but the museum's display guru wanted some in "as is" condition. More to the point, I ran out of time. Don't freak out about sand blasting. All the brakes except two were defective when I got them. I've restored a couple to working order including the Ajax 14665-1 which is gratifying loud when children spin the hand wheel to apply.

This might be the first such display of freight car hand brakes. Does anyone know of something similar previous to this.

Gene Green

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