Re: Richard Hendrickson


Richard will be truly missed by all. He is someone who has given so much to the hobby, with his vast knowledge and willingness to share it.
My first remembrance of him was, I think, at a 1986 SFMO meet at a church in Huntington Beach, California. Richard was giving a clinic in the main meeting room. Here from the back of the room comes this long haired guy in a flowing white poet shirt with the billowy sleeves and a man purse. Quite an impression among the usual train tee shirt crowd.
During the 1994 Santa Fe convention in San Diego, I was at that time modeling contemporary Santa Fe. However the railroad had just announced their intention to merge with the Burlington Northern. Richard while looking over my models announced: "Well Hussey, looks like you just became a period modeler". He was right. 
Over those almost 30 years we have shared meals and stories about trains, airplanes, beer, wine   and European travel once or twice a year at the various RPM and society meets. I will truly miss him. My thoughts and condolences go out to Sandra.

Dave Hussey

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