Re: Richard Hendrickson


There's little I can add to what has already been said of Richard.  Like many on the STMFC group, I never met Richard face to face, but I eagerly gobbled up whatever he had to say and wherever he said it.  He always responded quickly to the several private e-mails I sent him asking about what trucks would have been appropriate for a given freight car.  99.99% of the time when Richard spoke on any given topic, it was the gospel truth.  He was always quick to correct himself or admit an inaccurate statement when the 00.01 occasion arose. 


One of the things I admired most about Richard was that he was brutally honest in his reviews of products in the national modeling magazines.  He was not afraid to call out inaccurate or clunky details on models from manufacturers who should (and probably did) know better.  It was obvious from the sudden disappearance of his reviews in the leading magazines that he had been invited to NOT submit any more material unless he was less blunt about whatever flaws he observed.  It was clear he would not compromise on his principles as his reviews began appearing elsewhere.  Honesty is just one aspect of the legacy he left for all of us.


Rest in Peace Richard, and may you encounter no friction - uh, I mean solid bearings on your journey.


Mark Rossiter 

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