Re: Richard Hendrickson


    I too am stunned by the news of Richard’s passing. As Bill wrote, this is not the news one likes to start the day with.


     I had talked to Richard perhaps two or three months ago about sending scans of trucks and truck frames from builders car folios to help amp up his truck information site. I now read in these recent posts that other had projects in the works with him. I could ask how he found the time - however after interacting with him, it seems just like Richard. He was very involved and you could feel his love, his passion, for it all as he talked to you.


    I was also surprised how much Richard could tell me about the cars of my railroad or any other railroads, and as others have noted, openly shared it. In the past I would send a query to him and back would come a prompt reply.  


   In addition while researching I would find data that I would feel was significant and new only to find months or years later while paging through an older periodical, Richard had already been there.


I am stunned, and humbled, by his passing.                    James Dick - Roseville, MN.

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