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When I opened my e-mails this morning I seen all the posts with "Richard Hendrickson" in the subject line and knew without opening any that something terrible has happened to Richard. Sadly I opened Tony's posting and seen the shockingly sad news. Ever since Richard moved to Ashland I've got to know him quite well. I've traveled with him and Sandra, flew with him, visited his home, conversed with him many many times, and never have met a more open, kind, and generous man than Richard.  I know that Richards mobility was not what it once was after his knee replacement but that didn't slow him down any at all.  
What a huge void he has left that, sadly, will never be filled. He live life to it's fullest.
Our sincere condolences to Sandra and his family.

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I have just heard the terribly sad news that Richard died in a fall a couple of days ago. I don't know any details. Richard was a marvelously well-informed historian and modeler, and always very generous with his time and information to anyone who needed help. An awful lot of us will miss him greatly.

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