Re: Richard Hendrickson


I am saddened and shocked to hear this. Richard was always there when I needed an answer. I met him at Naperville about five years ago. One of the greatest one can ever meet.

We are all going to miss him.

My prayers go out to Richard's family.

Rich Christie

On Wednesday, July 2, 2014 4:47 PM, "richtownsend@... [STMFC]" wrote:

We have lost a guiding light and a wonderful person.  His contributions have changed the hobby.  I met and talked with him in person only a few times but will treasure them.  One of those meetings especially impressed me with his dedication and spirit.  We were walking in from the parking lot to the building before a Rails By The River RPM meet in Salem, OR.  He told me he had flown up from his home in Ashland, OR, but arrived above Salem to find the airport closed due to fog.  So he flew back to Ashland and then got in his car and drove up to Salem, a distance of 240 miles.  Lesser persons would not have made the drive.
Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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