Re: ATSF "B" End of FE-22 Autocars

Rich C

Tom, Owning 2 Sunshine mini-kits, the Fe-22 and Fe-23 have the same ends. The Fe-24 has the 1937 ends, the 22/23 have the squashed Dreadnaughts.

Rich Christie

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Tom I have a photo but it's from an oblique angle. I don't know how
much you can discern from it.

Tim O'

>I am looking for a photo of the "B" end of a Santa Fe FE-22 double
>door box car. Photos of the "A" end with the end door are in the
>books, but no "B" end. There are photos of the "B " of the FE-23 and
>FE-24 in the Santa Fe publication " Furniture and Automobile Box Cars"
>which Richard Hendrickson had authored. Apparently at the time of
>publication, Richard did not have a photo of the "B" end available
>I have searched through all the Warbonnets and its' predecessor, the
>Santa Fe Modeler with no luck there either. Can anyone tell me if the
>"B" end of the FE-22 (ribs, brake gear, ladders and grab irons) are
>the same as that of the FE-23 and Fe-24?
>Tom Olsen
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