Re: Sunshine Kits Price Bubble?

Andy Harman

At 08:20 AM 7/3/2014 -0500, you wrote:

$1600 for a for 8 car set
Asking isn't getting. A lot of ebay sellers will see an item get bid up to X dollars, think they have a gold mine, and list theirs for X + 50% buy-it-now. They usually end up disappointed. Not to say that Sunshine and other discontinued resin kits can't easily bring low 3 figures. I sold some of mine and they did well, most amazingly were the Naperville mini-kits.

I still have some Sunshine kits for cars I felt I could justify for my era. One I started years ago was a Santa Fe 50' gondola. Maybe time to get it out again if I can clear half a square foot on the glass bench top.


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