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Thomas Baker

This is a shocker: On our street and the street behind me, the power has been out for the last four days.  I thought a trip to the local library would catch me up on the latest.  This is not what I had in mind on "the latest".  It is sad news indeed.  My sympathy goes out to his family and to those who knew him personally.


His knowledge about freight cars was encyclopedic, and he did not hesitate to share it rather than with a supercilious attitude to hoard it.  Although he did not know me personally, he responded to several of my inquiries over the list and sent me a few relevant photos.  His passing is a great loss first to his family and then to the wider circle of his friends on this list.


May God bless and comfort his family in this difficult time.


Tom Baker


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Tony thank you for sharing this sad note. I must say I never met Richard. My shock came a few years ago when Mr. Hendrickson answered a email I posted on this group, nearly fell out of my computer chair. His modeling and knowledge was astounding. Hopefully we can follow his kindness.
Most of all may the Lord touch his wife.

Sincerely, Mark Morgan

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