Re: Sunshine Kits Price Bubble?

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Tom and List Members,
Believe me, there are just as many fools (both kinds, the asking price kind, and the paying price kind) in N scale as there is in any other scale!
  -  Claus Schlund (N scaler, hopefully only a fool some of the time)

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My dad once explained to me that this was known to economists as "the bigger fool therory of pricing" .  In other words, who's the bigger fool; the one asking the price, or the one paying it?  That ATSF MOW set, certain Santa Fe reefers & vinegar tank cars seem to be particulally prone to this problem.   Almost make you wish you modeled in N scale, maybe.
As the price of these things keeps rising, I can only wonder when something has got to give and this product line becomes available again someway.  Hopefully priced between "that's a lot but" and "you've got to be kidding".
Tom (no offence meant to N scalers) Casey 
At 08:20 AM 7/3/2014 -0500, you wrote:

>$1600 for a for 8 car set

Asking isn't getting. A lot of ebay sellers will see an item get bid up to
X dollars, think they have a gold mine, and list theirs for X + 50%
buy-it-now. They usually end up disappointed. Not to say that Sunshine
and other discontinued resin kits can't easily bring low 3 figures. I sold
some of mine and they did well, most amazingly were the Naperville mini-kits.

I still have some Sunshine kits for cars I felt I could justify for my
era. One I started years ago was a Santa Fe 50' gondola. Maybe time to
get it out again if I can clear half a square foot on the glass bench top.


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