Re: Richard Hendrickson

Greg Martin

Just to add to what the "Boss Brock at the Beach" has reminded us of, without the inspiration of Richard there would have never been a SHAKE N TAKE... and so many other things to numerous to mention.
Greg Martin
Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean

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The STMFC, RPM in general, Prototype Rails, certainly various historical and
modeling organizations [ led, of course, by the Santa Fe ] and many other
model railroading groups have lost a giant among their members. Many of us
have lost a dear friend as well and his passing will be difficult to take.

I would just say that, among the several thousand STMFC members, I only
referred to one by his first name alone...Richard. Everyone knew who I was
referring to. Let me add that I can also say that, without Richard, there
would not have been a Steam Era Freight Car Group.

Mike Brock

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