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Rob Adams


Based on photographs of the cars taken of the cars when rebuilt, the Wabash 10' 4" IH box car rebuilds were fitted with steel running boards.  There is an excellent article about the Wabash double-sheathed car rebuilding program that appears in Volume 1 of Prototype Railroad Modeling.  It was published in 2005 by Speedwitch Media and to my knowledge is still available.

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On 7/5/14, 11:20 AM, pa.bizier@... [STMFC] wrote:

I seem to be on a little spate of rebuilt DS cars, with the S&T ATSF car and a Sunshine Wabash 10'4" rebuilt DS car on the workbench.  In the Sunshine box, Martin included both a Plano metal running board and a wood running board.  The Proto Data Sheet doesn't mention the running boards, only the brake gear.  So, does anyone know if these cars would have had the wood running board, or the metal R/B?

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Paul Bizier

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