Memory of Richard Hendrickson

David Turner

For those of us who came late to the prototype modeling fraternity, and don't have a complete library of all past publications, I (and probably many others) would jump at the chance to buy a compilation of all of Richard Hendrickson's many articles in the various magazines.

I understand that this would, of necessity, be a photocopy/scan type of publication in several volumes (perhaps similar to the "Train Shed Cyclopedia" series).

Tony Thompson mentioned that Richard had published more than 400 articles. I searched on the Kalmbach index of magazine articles and found 166 listed, some of which, but not all, can be viewed on the TrainLife website.

A compilation of his published work would represent a "Magnum Opus" that I would highly value.

Still staggered by the sense of loss,
David Turner
Keeping the S.P. & S. Ry. alive in Santa Rosa, California

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