Re: Memory of Richard Hendrickson

Andy Harman

At 11:31 PM 7/5/2014 -0400, you wrote:

All of us, Richard included, have been on the Path of Freight Car Enlightenment.
Another story - I remember Richard telling the story of a rental car being stolen, in the trunk of which were a bunch of his freight car models - never recovered. While I'm sure he was more than a little steamed at the time (I certainly would have been), he quickly turned it around and said, "Of course I've since built better models of all of those cars".

I find myself revisiting many models I built in the 1970s and 80s, in some cases the exact same prototype, just because there's better material, better information, I'm a better modeler, and I just have the desire to do a better job of it. Richard believed no effort was wasted. That's certainly my experience, which I try to pass along. When somebody tells me they'll never build a model as good as xxx and that they'd screw it up, I tell them they haven't screwed up enough models yet. Lord knows I have, and still do - if anybody has been following the blow by blow of my latest passenger train project and how many cadavers it has produced so far.

I once heard someone say on a photography forum, that they'd love to rummage through Ansel Adams' trash can. I think it would be fascinating to look through Richard Hendrickson's junk box. I think we need to know where we've been to see how far we've come.


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