Re: Pressed Steel Car


Poking through Eric's amazing treasure trove, I came across an AAR car code I'd never heard of, and that isn't listed in my 1/1943 ORER: XV. What is this?

(P&R 19885-19924, built 1/1901: p 11 in the book. There may be more.).

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.
From a 1916 ORER
"XV - Box Car, Ventilated Similar to ordinary box, only haveing ventilation, and suitable for the transportation of produce and othe foodstuffs not needing refrigeration."

just for further info

"VS - Standard Ventilator. A car equipped with insulation, including insulated side, end and top openings, and ventilating deices without ice tanks."

There is a difference

Howard Garner

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