Re: Sunshine Mini kits for ATSF, B&O, C&O & C&I

Allan Smith

I model the ATSF in 1955. If the Fe-22's are still available I would appreciate one.

Thanks Al Smith

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The mini-kits have been spoken for.  Fastest reply was by Tod D.
Gene S.
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In sorting through a box of Sunshine Mini-Kits I had acquired, there are several of no interest to me.  They are:
ATSF Fe-22, 23 50" Rebuilt Boxcar with map
AAR Alternate Standard Two bay Hopper modification kit for C&O with decals.(5 kits) plus extra sets of resin parts.
All free to a good home.
Contact me offline at mopac1 at classicnet dot net
Gene Semon

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