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Allan Smith

There is a photo of RDG 18700 in TS 75 page 395. It shows the roofwalk and no laterals. Also in Railway Prototype Cyclopedia vol #3 page 37 is a model color paint guide for steam era freight cars. It shows a Floquill formula of 50% #74 and #186. Of course now that Foquill is no longer available about any Red Brown mix will work.

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As an aside,what color would be a match for Reading Boxcars in the steam era? Armand Premo

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Eric do you know of any photos online of these treadplate lateral roof panels? They sound really weird.
I would think they'd be more susceptible to ice build-up than the raised laterals with holes cut into them.

Tim O'

They were integral least as far as the RDG box and caboose cars were concerned. The running boad wa a separate piece, but if you took it away, there would be a gaping hole down the middle of the roof. Likewise, the end platfrorms were simply roof panels made from diamond plate. Tim would be correct for some RDG covered hopper cars such as LOc. Those running boards are mounted on brackets like any typical running board. Since they are not an integral part of the roof, they have a number of drainage slots.
Eric N.
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I don't think the Alan Wood running boards were 'integral' with
the roof, i.e. I don't think they formed part of the roof itself.
Here is the 1940 patent for the Alan Wood box car running boards, which
is perforated steel tread plate.
And here is the 1930 patent for the Alan Wood tank car running boards,
also perforated steel tread plate.
Tim O'Connor
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