Re: NYC car type?

Seth Lakin

Clark as Dave pointed out, NYC boxcar characteristics of the day included the tow lugs at the bolsters. I use Detail Associates 1106 Alco PA/FA lift rings, they need a little squeeze to narrow them down a bit. I see that DA also offers a #6214 roping rings, they look the same as the lift rings but I don't have any to measure the difference, the LHS only stocks DA diesel parts so that is what usually comes home.
Also one detail that are on NYC boxcars that are not represented on the Branchline kit are polling pockets. I drill them into the ends with a 1/16 drill. Be careful, one quarter twist too far, you'll end up with a hole instead of a cup. I show this technique in my article on modeling a NYC lot 858-B boxcar that is slated to run in the next (Sept or Oct) NYCModeler, the free modeling ezine from the New York Central System Historical Society.
Decals are a little hard to find. I suggest CDS dry transfer #459 which is for a NYC lot 763-B boxcar. While not quite the same, the data should be all correct, as it is an identical boxcar, just from a different builder. If you want a jade green car, Microscale should have everything you need.
Seth Lakin
Michigan City IN
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