Re: Fallen flags web-site...What happened?

A&Y Dave in MD

I have moved and hosted two "fallen" rail sites in static form. I used to worry about what will happen to A&Y info. I have now shared CDs and or DVDs with data and photos with most anyone who shows an interest.

I also try to be clear to my family that hard copy originals to the right historical society or archive.

I too have been waiting trainlife approval, but I thought it might be I lost something in spam filter.

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i am slightly worried with trainlife ... i wonder whether the site may have been abandoned.  I've been trying to create an account there for a year and it still says 'awaiting admin approval'. 


it does illustrate how much of this particular interest is dependant on a few sites, and one forgets how vulnerable those information sources, and the modality they rely on, actually is.




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