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I can't give chapter and verse, but I do know that for most of the steam era Barnsdall (which was founded in Pennsylvania) had two refineries in Oklahoma, one in Barnsdall (of course) in Osage County, served by the Midland Valley, and a larger one in Okmulgee served by the Frisco and the Okmulgee Northern, a MV subsidiary.  The logo was a B in a square, hence the slogan "Be Square".

There are some more photos of Barnsdall cars in the Beryl Ford collection, but I do not have the catalog information.  Try other search terms besides freight car or tankcar, such as "factory"," Supply", "warehouse" or "refinery", or do what I do and just scan through the collection thumbnails page by page.  I made prints of several views of flatcars (and loads) and other goodies some years ago.  Rich Gibson tells me that new photos are now being added and sent me a view of the MV/MKT interchange in Tulsa dated 1929 (my time period).  Thanks Rich!

Jon Pansius

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