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I was never there, but my Dad was there in 1938 for Ordinance Corps Basic Officers Training.  I was retired (after 3 years) Regular Army Captain, Armor Corps, with Airborne Infantry MOS from my VN Pathfinder Detachment Commander assignment.  I soon worked with another engineer at General Motors where we shot into samples of steel in a bunker to characterize dynamic strain-rate effects.  I got to crash things on the computer, or into a barrier, or dummies riding on the impact sled.
Al Kresse

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OK, we all know that APG is a small post (at least as far an number of personnel is concerned) but about half of us were stationed there at one time or another.

We also know that the main job of APG in those days was shooting and blowing-up things.

So, what does that say about the members of this group???

-- John Sykes III


    Stationed at the US Army Environmental Hygiene Agency,

    Edgewood Arsenal 1977- 1980 ;-)

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