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Back to the original question. I have a copy of New York Central drawing Y-54262 titled "General Arrangement, All Steel Roof, Freight Cars" dated Apr 24, 1946 which is applicable to Lot 743-B as well as five other contemporary lots.

No mention is made on this drawing of who the supplier is but it's obviously the vendor being discussed. The intermediate roof sheets( qty 10) are raised panel type with a two inch high profile, the two end sheets are flat

This drawing is available from the NYC Historical Society on their CD 157.  Roof General Arrangements were prepared for the majority of the NYC box cars and are a better source of information than diagram books or full car general arrangrments.

Roger Hinman

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Found this ad for a diagonal pane roof in that collection for 1955. They use the term "Standard".

Waide Collection of Vintage Railroad Advertisements 1950 - Present - WaidePhoto

Bob Witt

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