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John Nehrich <nehrij@...>

Tim - I've been working on our Red Caboose and MDC
sections, so BY COMPARISON Intermountain is a breath of fresh air. But I am
entirely in the dark on the 60 foot flats (Richard's answer to the Overnight
scheme), so any help you could give would be welcome. - John

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John Nehrich wrote

Intermountain does really well with sticking with the right paint
schemes on
the right cars.
[ *begin sarcasm* ]

Come again? Has Intermountain discontinued its entire product line
and introduced another??

[ *end sarcasm* ]

None of the steel reefers are truly accurate other than the PFE and
NP cars. Only one of the 60 foot flat cars is accurate. Many of the
tank cars are bogus. Many of the PS-1 paint schemes are applied to
the wrong car, although the paint schemes do correspond to Pullman
Standard cars. The majority of the "Canadian cylindrical" covered
hoppers are wrong, and some are simply a crock. I think the only
car style they've done 100% accurately is the 1940 AAR 10'6" box.
(And maybe the USRA gondola? It's too early for me.)

Timothy O'Connor <>
Marlborough, Massachusetts

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