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In STMFC, Al Kresse commented "I was never there, but my Dad was there in 1938 for Ordinance Corps Basic Officers Training." 
I suspect spell check struck again.  As a former Army Ordnance officer with experience in both conventional munitions and tank/ground mobility materiel, I'm compelled to advise that an "ordinance" (with an 'i') is a piece of legislation enacted by a municipal authority (e.g., a city ordinance on parking, smoking in restaurants, etc.), while "ordnance" (without the 'i') goes boom.  Moreover, as concerns this List, ordnance - ammunition, artillery, combat vehicles, etc. - was commonly shipped in/on steam era freight cars (and still is), while ordinances seldom need be shipped outside city limits, by rail or otherwise.
Dave Sieber, Reno NV
Ordnance Officer Basic and Mechanical Maintenance Officer courses, APG MD 1971
Ordnance Officer Advanced course, APG MD 1978

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