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Standard Railway (Stanray) mainly  manufactured Roofs, Ends, and uncoupling devices for freight cars in Hammond, IN. The corporate offices in 1961 were in Chicago, which was a holding company. Standard Railway was one of the division. An FYI was that a division of Stanray fabricated the main columns for the World Trade Center.

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I believe Hammond was more than an office and also manufactured components.  The other facility was just based around a monster stamping press I believe.
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SRE listed Hammond Indiana as their address, but that could just be the
office address.

Tim O'

>Was Peter Murphy and possibly his son still involved? Were their large stampings (first Murphy then Dreadnaught, etc. trademarked) still produced at Hobart, Indiana, just south of US Steel's Gary Works in 1961? Or, am I mixing up the chief characters?
>Al Kresse

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