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Ben's comments are dead on.  While their basis has some features in common with USRA double sheathed box cars, those rebuilt Wabash cars originated as door and a half automobile cars with 7/8 Murphy ends built during the early 1920's.  Unfortunately, some inaccurate marketing has contributed to confusion about their origin.

While Martin Lofton's 1990 articles in MRG are helpful and cover rebuilds of several railroads, a much better resource for prototype material about the Wabash rebuilds is the excellent article by Chet French and Jerry Hamsmith that appeared in Speedwitch Media's Prototype Railroad Modeling Volume 1.  I can recommend it highly.

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John Barry wrote:
1944 Columbus GA.  Dead on for my era!

A rebuilt boxcar, but NOT USRA! Original cars were "clones" with 7/8 Murphy ends - note the 3/7/8 Murphy ends of the rebuilt boxcar.  The Sunshine flyers are misleading as the WAB cars are lumped in with true USRA rebuilds.

See Martin Lofton's articles in the the May and August 1990 issues of Model RailroaDING for more information.  The Wabash did receive allotments of USRA DS cars, but did not rebuild them to all-steel boxcars.

Ben Hom

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