Re: Seley Hopper ca. 1944

A&Y Dave in MD

At 05:56 PM 7/13/2014, you wrote:
Seley hoppers in general were rostered by a healthy assortment of railroads in the early 20th century: N&W, Virginian, C&O, Southern, B&O, ACL, SAL, Frisco, Rock Island, D&H, O&W, etc.

If you're asking about the specific steel-end version ordered by Southern in the 1920s, the only other buyer that comes to mind is AB&C.

David Thompson

I've collected a set of 8 of the F&C kits of the Seley hopper for the Southern (mix of K and modernized AB brake versions), as they were used on the CF line (A&Y, and, post 1950, Southern) for clay service from the pit near Gulf, NC up to Pomona and/or Pleasant Garden, NC for vitrified pipe and possibly brick.

Is the F&C kit accurate for the Southern's steel end version?  I made a lot of assumptions in the past when purchasing kits, and now, after a few months on this list, I'm questioning a lot more than I used to do.

Dave Bott

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