Re: Seley Hopper ca. 1944

Eric Neubauer <eaneubauer@...>

I have these as part of 3,000 cars ordered by Consol. Coal Co. in 2-06.
Fairmont Coal 3000-4699 became B&O 130000-131699. I suspect the Sunday Creek cars may have been numbered 4700-4999. Can you confirm this?
The other 1,000 cars were Somerset Coal/Cumberland & Pa. 5000-5999.
Does anyone have month-year built for any specific cars?
Eric N.


Based upon my research from other B&O documents listing their rosters the series:

"Sandy Creek Coal Co. 131700-131799, Baltimore Steel Car & Foundry 1907, HG copies, to B&O, 1907-1908."

The coal company should be the Sunday Creek Coal Co.

See "Fifty Years of B&O Rosters" a B&OHS reprint. The information in Daniels Summaries of the B&O S of E and ORER states "Sy. Ck."

I can send you a scan of the page if you provide your email.


Bob Witt

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