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Now I have to check the heralds on my completed Santa Fe boxcar roster.  I'm afraid to look, however,it is
important to us to be accurate and I appreciate al the information.

Bill Pardie

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For those of you wanting a correct set, 87-498 with the straight line map is in stock at MicroScale and does have the correct herald.  Straight line maps were applied from 4-40 to 47 so they were much much more common than the curved line versions that were only applied 1-4 of 40 and only to the Bx-32 and early Bx-33 & 34 Box cars.  Similarly small quantities of reefers got the CL map in black.  

I am getting a 498 sheet to replace the 516.  
This isn't the first time that MicroScale has updated their product to be more accurate.  I have a very old SL reefer sheet, 87-336, with a $2.00 list price.  I've had it since at least the early 80's if not earlier.  It has the incorrect modern herald, again I didn't notice till Sunday when I started to look for replacements.  MS had already fixed that one as the current sheet shows the correct herald and a different layout of slogans and maps.  They changed their zebra stripes and loco data to aluminum to match new evidence.  They completely redid their Scout passenger train set.  And those are only the Santa Fe examples that I have knowledge of.  There have to be a number of other updates for other roads, I just don't know enough about them to tell.

My previous posts were not meant to knock MS, just to alert you to the issue.  And it looks like MS has stepped up to fix it going forward.  I can strongly recommend their products, having used a lot of them in the past.  And this interaction has shown me they are very responsive in the customer service arena, another plus.

John Barry

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Just emailed asking about them; will post the reply.


Brian Ehni

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> the more modern style used after 1958 and incorrect for the first four months
> of 1940 when the curved line map was applied.

Westerfield did/used to have decals. Visiting the new site I don't see
them listed.


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