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1) How can they tell us a match?  The paint use is not model paint, and is custom mixed for the job.  To identify matches across a wide variety of commercial paints around the world is a huge task!

2) Why would they bother?  The VAST majority of the folks who buy the models (RTR or Kits) will not make modifications and therefore have no need to know this information.

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    My main gripe is that the manufacturer doesn't tell us what paints were used!! OK, so we might have a hard time matching Chinese paint, but they could tell us a match.
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Bill Pardie wrote:

Along with the advencement of proper trucks and RUNNING BOARDS in our hobby is the quality of many of the offerings of Intermountain and Red Caboose cars. With the exception of some of the Oxide Red cars most of the Freight Car Red cars seem to have a very uniform shade of BCR. Detailing the prepainted cars brings up the problem of matgching the color. Has anyone come up with a paint mix that closely matches this color? Floquil would be acceptable as I have a fairly large stash.

        Um, not my impression, Bill, though I could be wrong. I recently received an IM 1937 box car which was a fairly brown color (C&O) and have at least two other recent IM box cars, NOT oxide red, which are DIFFERENT shades of BCR. Whether they are doing a good job of prototype paint colors, I don't know, from lack of knowledge of the particular prototypes, but I don't believe they are all the same. I would like to hear from others with views of this topic.

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