Re: NTS Walthers head scratcher?

Armand Premo

Not for me.What I hate are no kits,no paint , no decals,high prices and limited offerings.Armand Premo

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I think Ben's right on the money here -- lower cost RTR cars that can
stand up to some handling is still a valid niche in the market. They're
not kits anymore, so shaking the box doesn't accomplish anything. :-)

I have been watching Ebay auctions and kits and RTR of all kinds are
selling very cheap these days. But I've seen (badly) weathered Athearn
blue box cars sell for $40 or more. If there is one thing customers
hate more than high prices, it is having to actually build their own
models. :-)

Tim O'Connor

>There's still a ready market for shake-the-box kits, and this car and the
>Accurail car model different prototypes. The Accurail car represents cars
>with late R+3/4 improved Dreadnaught ends;
>Ben Hom

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