Tim O'Connor

And just to add another factoid -- Sometimes railroads only repainted
the sides and ends of freight cars, and not the roofs.

I have this lovely shot of PRR's Enola Yard in 1953 and there's a freshly
painted ATSF pre-war AAR box car in the "Grand Canyon" scheme -- and the
car's roof is heavily weathered, with a weathered wood running board!

The photo is great because it shows the ATSF Mineral Red, then Southern's
Box Car Red (close match to Scalecoat -- you can add maroon to an oxide
red color and you'll get something like this), and then Union Pacific's
Oxide Red -- all in a row.

I think it's important when you're modeling to think about WHEN the car
was painted. If it was recently (0 to 3 years) then the initial color is
far more important than if it has been in use for 8 to 10, or more, years.
By then almost anything could happen -- lighter, darker, dust, spills,
rust, scratches, bruises, repairs, patches, ...

Tim O'Connor

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