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I am surprised that They have not resurrected the old Varney tooling by now.Armand Premo

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I went over and talked to Terry Thompson (who is now the Vice President of
Proprietary Products (eg. Cornerstone, Mainline, Trainline, Proto...))
about this car as I took photos of it.

Basically they believe that they have a car that they can make well, not as
a kit, sell at a profit, and which wore a ton of paint schemes over the
years. I can't say I disagree - even with it being a first generation test
shot, and admittedly (actually Terry requested I make sure to mention)
missing some of the details and rivets that will be on the final model, it
looks like it will be a fine model.
You can see it at: (and if
you scroll up you can see the Athearn bi-level autoracks and a few other
odds and ends that I had the pleasure of photographing today.

Thanks very much for this excellent coverage of Walthers National Train show coverage Jeff.
Your effort is much appreciated here.

With regard to the new Walthers 1944 AAR boxcar I have a question or two and then some comments.
Where is the hobby gaining a darn thing with the introduction of this item? I mean that sincerely. It is a
throwback to Athearn BlueBox items only it is pre-assembled and will be two to three times the price.
Never having been impressed with such poor efforts in this regard I see no reason to change that opinion
now. It is bad enough to see all the "detail" cast or molded onto the basic carbody but in this case the
door is cast on as well. sorry Dennis but that is my chief gripe with Accurail boxcars as well. At least
with the old Athearn BlueBox cars one could open the door......and with a little effort improve the door
guides and get rid of the ugly "claws".....and at a price considerably less than this clunker will cost. I've
picked up a number of the Ertl boxcars of late, like twenty some odd, to repaint for various roads that
acquired USRA double sheathed box cars. Why so many? Because at what they can be bought for
currently they are one of the best cars ever offered in RTR form, the doors OPEN and they fit my 1948
modeling cut-off date very well. The Tichy USRA single sheathed boxcar fits in with this desire as well,
whether bought in kit or assembled form. Thank you very much for this car Bill Gould and Don Tichy.
In both instances the cars are well done, do NOT have much modled on detail at all and both have really
nice, prototuypically THIN doors that actually OPEN.

OK, why is it important to me that the doors open. It is important because even into the 1980's I can well
remember seeing a number of sliding door boxcars in moving trains in which the doors were open. No, they
were not supposed to hbe moved that way......but they WERE! In earlier years they were even more prevalent
and that is why I want doors that open. I want the option of positioning them any way one might wish. I also
want the option of being able to apply paper sealing materials to such doors as easily as possible as you
should soon see in an article done for RMC. Thus the Ertl and Tichy cars and, yes, even the old Athearn
BlueBox cars are a godsend to me, though the former two are light years ahead of the latter. Heck, even
as late as August 1982 I can remember rolling northbound on I-5 between Fresno and Sacramento pacing
an SP (I think) freight much of the way and frequently seeing three boys and a dog sitting in the open
doorway of a 50 ft. Railbox car as first the train and then our car was in the lead. The open door and the
boys did not surprise me. Sitting there with their legs hanging out did but that's proablaby from my railroad
insurance work background. I will call Phill Walthers next week in an attempt to mak my case for opening

In closing, and for those who may wonder, I did call Larry Grubb last night to be sure he knew of our loss
of Richard. Not being home, a message was left and I'm sure we will catch up with one another over the next
week or so. A telephone and a real voice are so much more human than this Internet. Can't live with it and
can't live without it.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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