Re: PAINTS - and the MIXING of same

Larry Wolohon

Jim & everybody else,

Look @ True Color Paints:

They have a rather large variety of paint colors, with more colors that they list coming out. I know one of the hobby shops here in the Detroit area, P & D Hobby, has a good supply. I know of a lot of other shops that don't carry True Color Paint.

True Color as I understand is similar to the former Accupaint.

I have used True Color paint & I have had good results. They list a bunch of freight car red colors, for use as a base or whatever.

Larry Wolohon

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The prior thread - and Bill Pardie's post - and a
discussion I had yesterday with my LHS - got me
to thinking (often a dangerous thing) ... so here


Primary FACTS

The model paint market is 'drying up' (pun intended).
We (the modelers) are buying less and less paint. And
there are fewer and fewer of us doing any paint work.
And our suppliers are discontinuing lines they feel
they can't sell enough of (can you blame them?).


It would appear that we have only a couple of
options if we want to continue actually painting

1) We might be able to convince the mfgrs that
all they need to do is to increase the price to
a level where they can still produce paint.
It may already be too late for this! As in - just
how likely is it that we are going to convince
them to bring back Floquil RR colors? Even if
we can convince them we are willing to pay
say 'double or triple' what we used to for the
same bottle of paint do you think they will
resurrect the line?

2) We learn to "mix to match". It -should- be
possible to take any line of paint and using
just a few basic colors mix up any color/shade
we want/need. This was what Bill was asking
for - help with what mix to use for a particular
shade of BCR.
This is not 'real simple'. Even the thread
about BCR tells us that the shades of paint
are 'subtle' ... VERY subtle. As soon as we
provide Bill with the mix for PRR BCR from
IMRC he's sure to come right back and ask
for the BCR for the WP. (Bill, I'm not picking
on you - I'd do the same thing - I'm trying to
show how many different mixes we need.)
But - if we had some place on the web
where we could record our successes - so
that when someone else needs a particular
shade to match a particular model ... they
would have something to start with.

3) We cease attempting to match the mfgrs
paint. As in we just assume we are going to
have to paint the entire model ... and letter
it ... and weather it.
Is this realistic? Are you ready to do a full
paint, lettering, and weathering job for all/most
of the models you will work on? Or for even
a large percentage of your models? (Many of
you will shout an emphatic "Yes!" ... and many
of you are sitting there saying "Jim knows how
difficult it is to make the commitment to doing
high levels of prototypical accuracy.)

4) Or will you take the 'good enough' approach
and live with the fact that the roof/car ends/doors
you replaced won't be a perfect match - but after
weathering will you notice/care? Will Tony notice
or care ... well, if the model is a PFE and you use
school bus yellow - YES. *G*

For those of us on this list - steam freight cars - our
decisions are -perhaps- easier. If you are a passenger
car modeler - with all those different colors to mask
and shoot ... or you are working on some diesel
that has a complex nose pattern for the paint job ...

... sometimes the 'economies of RTR' just
seem to press heavily on our commitments.
It turns out to be a time-vs-goals decision.

Would you rather have an operating layout
or a fleet of outstanding resin kits? For many
of us this is actually a -primary- decision. And
we struggle with it over and over again.
- Jim

P.S. I don't have my own layout and I'm retired - so
it should be 'easy' for me to make the commitment
to excellence. Right? But even I, who spends some
where between 30 and 70 hours a week "working
on trains" ... find I all too often opt for the "less
of my time" side of the equation. *Sigh*
(Please note that stuff like decoder installs and
layout electronics consumes a lot of my time.

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