Re: ATSF Bx-27 in series 138000-138499

Tony Thompson

Gene Green] wrote:

Just received a Red Caboose ATSF box car kit # RC-8030-4i.  Car is numbered ATSF 138019 and appears to match some photos I've found of cars in ATSF Bx-27 series 138000-138499 except for one significant particular.  More on that later.

The model has Grand Canyon Line lettering on the left side and a straight-line map on the right.  The photo I found shows the B end and right side.  There is no map and the reporting marks are A.T.& S.F. in the photo and ATSF on the model.

     When the car was built in 1937, Santa Fe did still use both the ampersand and the periods in reporting marks, but the ampersand went in 1938 and the periods in 1943. Since maps and train slogans arrived in 1940, the car obviously represents a repaint between 1943 and 1947. In 1947, maps were replaced with the legend, "Ship and Travel Santa Fe all the way."

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