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1947 saw the maps replaced with the "Ship& Travel" slogan but by 1950 there were many maps still around.
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Just received a Red Caboose ATSF box car kit # RC-8030-4i.  Car is numbered ATSF 138019 and appears to match some photos I've found of cars in ATSF Bx-27 series 138000-138499 except for one significant particular.  More on that later.

From the only photo -builder's photo, I assume - found so far I know to use the Youngstown doors and the Ajax hand brake.  The trucks in the kit's box do not appear correct but I won't worry about that until after an opportunity to see what extra trucks I have on hand.  I assume the rectangular panel roof and wood running boards are correct.  Anyone?

The model has Grand Canyon Line lettering on the left side and a straight-line map on the right.  The photo I found shows the B end and right side.  There is no map and the reporting marks are A.T.& S.F. in the photo and ATSF on the model.

If I have my facts straight the ATSF 138000-138499 series was built in early 1937.  Is it likely that the car would have been repainted as on the model by September 1950?

Gene Green

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