Re: L&N 36ft double seathed boxcars pulled by oxen

Bruce Smith


There appear to be yokes on the oxen, but they are tough to see given the graininess of the photo/scan.  In addition, it is unlikely that oxen would stand in such a way, if they were not yoked!

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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    This very well could have occurred but I se no yokes or and kind of harness on the oxen.
Chuck Hladik
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In reference to the photo at:

It is certainly possible that the oxen are being used as a car puller.  They would most likely pull from one corner and that would be the closest to the camera, thus any connection between the hitch of oxen and the car would be hidden.  Additionally, the oxen may well be standing there in between pulling cars.  It does make sense that hitches such as this would be used to move cars in the days before electric car winches.


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