Re: L&N 36ft double sheathed boxcars pulled by oxen

Douglas Harding

I see three pair of oxen with yokes, lined up like they are hitch together ready to pull as a team. There is a 7th animal visible, which may be part of a 4th team, but if so the partner is not visible. It could just be a young ox tagging along with its mother, which is a common practice with horses. What some apparently think is a sled, looks like a stack of ties or fence posts to me, perhaps even blocking to hold cars in place. I see no sled runners, nor any tongue nor harness to connect to the teams. And that appears to be a fancy iron fence along a roadway, nothing more. The oxen are standing literally right next to the tracks. Any depression or gully is on the far side of the tracks.


What’s more amazing is no one has commented on the freight cars. The last one appears to be L&N 13786. Anyone have any information to offer on the cars?


Doug Haring


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