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Another thing to be aware of are the ends. Bx-27's had "square" cornered ends. Red Caboose and IMWX are the only 2 plastic manufacturers that do that car.

Rich Christie

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Here's what I did.

This is before a lot of the detailed information on such cars, and perhaps even before there was a Sunshine kit for the Duryea underframe.  I had good photos, which are not hard to come by for Santa Fe, and I knew about the underframe but didn't know exactly what was under there.

I mounted the kit draft gear boxes out the appropriate distance.  I believe it's normally 7" each end, but that can be determined by comparing these cars with other typical cars of the same length.  I'd have to turn the car upside down to see, but I bet I somehow filled in the gap between the end of the center sill and the coupler.  (You have to do that on some Intermountain cars anyway, unless you don't mind the toothless look.)  Then I sliced off the two sidesill tabs and relocated one to a position about halfway between the originals, which can be determined from the photos since the lettering helps locate them a bit closer to correct position.  Then I sliced off the crossmembers and repositioned one of them to match the sidesill tab.

Not perfect, but not that visible from the side either.

Ron Merrick

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